At Unified, We plan to set out and do exactly what our name implies, Unify the Bicycle Industry. This starts from production of every bicycle and product we create to the end product on your local dealers floor and shelves. We ensure that you do not have to scarifies quality in any of our products. Every Step of the way, Dealers will have an essential say in what is produced and what is going on their floors. We are dealer centered and will stay that way.
  • No Nonsense

    Bicycle companies has always valued local bike shops. Giving them exclusivity on their products to help grow their businesses. As time goes on, Bicycle companies are seeming to go more and more direct but at Unified we see the sacrifices local bike shops make because of this we pledge to focus on expanding as a bicycle company and nothing else.

  • Innovative Business

    Using input directly from our dealers, We are able to provide an adequate product for dealers to sell.

  • Boutique brand

    At Unified, We are keeping the agenda big and the dealers even bigger. We proudly make connections with every dealer to ensure quality. Just as our name states, we plan to Unify local bike shops together and give them the best products available.


If you would like to start carrying Unified please email us at