JAN 27, 2023

Pictures above was taken by Giveaway Winner, Tim Mendoza, @timthetwin on Instagram

The Dallas area is buzzing with the recent collaboration between Four Corners Brewery and UBC & Bike Mart. The beer-loving locals are excited to see what this unique combination of craft beer and custom bicycles can do for their city, and rightly so!

Four Corners Brewery, a beloved local business that has become popular with the younger generations thanks to its hip marketing strategies, has teamed up with UBC and Bike Mart to create something truly special. Bike Mart & UBC have joined forces to produce one of the most exciting bikes around that perfectly complements the beers of Four Corners Brewery.

UBC is a bike company that set off with the goal to make bicycles fun again. They're known for their Compact All-Terrain+ model, which are perfect for getting around town or hitting the trails--which stood as the base for this project. Bike Mart is a bike shop that has serviced the dallas area for over 60 years with experience doing everything under the sun (literally). They've got everything from street bikes to mountain bikes and even trikes!

Pictured above is the Teal based on El Grito by FCBC

They have used the legendary Compact All-Terrain+ as the base of the bike, and then made it even more unique with a custom powdered-coated paint job done by a local powder coater. To make sure that this bike is perfect for carrying beer around, UBC included a rear rack that can handle up to two cases of Four Corners’ beers.

Now if you were lucky to get 1 of 40 FCBC x UBC bikes then you have one last decision to make, Which Four Corners 12-pack is going to be strapped to the back.

Why not just get the one to match the bike because we made a bike for each FCBC beer available.

We made a total of 40 custom bikes on this limited run

Teal based on El Grito

Yellow based on Local-Buzz

Orange based on El Chingón

Green based on La Chingona

Red based on Heart O' Texas

and Black based on Classic ¡FCBC!

If you have a chance to see one of these Bikes in the wild, Take a picture and tag @unifiedbike on instagram or facebook and there might be some free goodies coming your way!!!

If you have a project in mind for us to tackle next please feel free to share it with us @ corbin@unifiedbikeco.com